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Take Control of Your Work


FlowPath is the new command center for small-team commercial Facilities and Operations Managers. Elegantly designed, intuitive to use, and connected in all the right ways to increase tenant retention, team productivity, and your bottom line.


Connected In All The Right Ways

Work order creation that integrates and functions the way you actually need them to. Tenants can call, text, email, or Slack a work request into FlowPath. Get Excited.

Work Order Management That Makes Sense

Project management tooling meets work order execution. Communications, accounting, inventory, and vendor access that puts all information in one place.

Insights That Drive Productivity

Automatically capture tenant feedback to increase retention and drive revenue, track work order velocity to eliminate roadblocks, and expose vendor engagement to leverage better SLAs

Nation-Wide Vendor Network At You Finger Tips

Need quotes for a project but don’t know where to start? Want to switch service providers but don’t have the time to research vendors? We hear you. Finding outside vendors is a pain, so we partnered with ServiceChannel to provide you a reliable, licensed nation-wide network free of charge. Enterprise-level accessibility to power your team to do more. 


Certified Vendors

We track all vendors through a partnership network, only recommending you the company qualified for the job.


Vendor Categories

If you need a project completed, we have a company that can complete the work, on time and with the best quality.


Avg. Score For Top Vendors

All vendors are tracked for performance in our partner network. We will only recommend the top performers for you.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

On all annual contracts from the time of signup

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